What type of services we offer – or in a few words – what we know ūüôā


  1. Cleaning the cooling systems and change thermal compound
  2. OS Optimizations
  3. OS Reinstalling
  4. Replacement capacitors and other components burned
  5. BIOS Upgrade 
  6. Replacement laptop connectors : power , video, etc.
  7. Antivirus installations and virus cleaning  / Firewall .
  8. Peripheral installation
  9. VPN systems installation and other network equipment 

Installation and setup of satellite dishes

  1. Individual reception Installations
  2. Community reception Devices
  3. Fixed Satellite Antennas
  4. Satellite antennas motor
  5. Offset antennas instalations , generally recommended for diameters below 1.20 m
  6. Units with parabolic antenna ( prime focus) over 1.20 m diameter
  7. Satellite antennas offset fixed for proper simultaneous reception of two or more satellites
  8. Equipment for reception of digital terrestrial satellite or terrestrial installations 
  9. Installations  can include receivers FTA receivers with card , SD or HD
  10. Extend existing installations (adding a fixed antenna motor , extending the installation to multiple TVs etc.)
  11. Repairs , adjustments


Installation / Service structured cabling

  3. UTP network ( cat 5.6 )
  4. Configure routers and other network equipment 


  1. PABX Installation, programming and service: 
  • Panasonic
  • Alcatel
  • Siemens

Mobile phone repairs


  1. Jailbreak Iphone, Android Root, Crack for Applications
  2. Installation of  any applications for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Iphone
  3. Enable Back-up rewrite contacts, data recovery, Iphone, HTC, Samsung, Lg
  4. Re-soft ,Decoding ,Upgrade , Downgrade iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4


  1. Replacement, repair display (screen), replacement, repair touch screen (digitizer)
  2. Replacement-repair microphone
  3. Replacement-repair audio headset
  4. Replacement-repair speaker
  5. Replacement-repair proximity sensor, brightness
  6. Replacement-repair button (on / off), buttons volume silent button and audio jack plug / headphones
  7. Replacement-repair “(home button)”
  8. Replacement mini-USB charging socket repair, micro usb
  9. Replacement battery assembly
  10. Wi-fi problems Repair, Network Signal, GPS, Audio
  11. Replacement PC enclosure systems and assembly
  12. Repair-replacement motherboards with almost any problem
  13. Repair phones with liquid immersion (drooping in liquid )
  14. Repair phones with mechanical shock (hit, broken)
  15. Repair charge systems (not charging, false charging )

Service welding in DC (DC )
  1. Schottky Quick diodes Change
  2. Parts Replacement burned
  3. Diagnostics and regular maintenance
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