My name is Gabriel aka DjHammer

I am passionate about everything that is electronic, IT and radio.

The small, I like to fix things and search various improvements of functional. My parents brought me many a contact it down to the last piece.

Like every child dreamed of becoming Technical Director. I love working in technical, seek solutions to solve various problems arising in the operation of equipment.

I remember my father hide my radio “Zephyr” lest it spoil. One day I found him and I said, ‘It’s broken, you take him in for repair, do not touch it !!! “

So I had to. As soon as I was alone with portable radio that I took the screwdriver and started resurscitate patient surgery.

So I broke the first radio I unfortunately only problem he had was the lack of batteries …

I was also technical director … but with half-time ..

I was a little fighter. Yes, I worked and I made many sacrifices. I remember that my parents gave me money for subscription

I go to school by bus and I buy my transistors and other parts and 7km walk daily.

My motto in life is:

“Fighting is a condition of life: life dies when fighting stops” – Vissarion Belinsky Grigoryevich

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