1. Jailbreak Iphone, Android Root, Crack for Applications
  2. Installation of  any applications for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Iphone
  3. Enable Back-up rewrite contacts, data recovery, Iphone, HTC, Samsung, Lg
  4. Re-soft ,Decoding ,Upgrade , Downgrade iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4


  1. Replacement, repair display (screen), replacement, repair touch screen (digitizer)
  2. Replacement-repair microphone
  3. Replacement-repair audio headset
  4. Replacement-repair speaker
  5. Replacement-repair proximity sensor, brightness
  6. Replacement-repair button (on / off), buttons volume silent button and audio jack plug / headphones
  7. Replacement-repair “(home button)”
  8. Replacement mini-USB charging socket repair, micro usb
  9. Replacement battery assembly
  10. Wi-fi problems Repair, Network Signal, GPS, Audio
  11. Replacement PC enclosure systems and assembly
  12. Repair-replacement motherboards with almost any problem
  13. Repair phones with liquid immersion (drooping in liquid )
  14. Repair phones with mechanical shock (hit, broken)
  15. Repair charge systems (not charging, false charging )

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